On the outside of previously stated, statements. I don’t do much, I work fast food & slang the people: sandwhiches, and shakes. I cook eggs and really dislike bacon, when I’m grilling. The hood, with that vent, is a waste! And it’s less then adequate, not adjacent to being capable of anything useful.

Through existence, I continuously try. If you say I don’t well then I probably haven’t a clue as what actions or what words that would appeal you. Its complex oh so very much. “I loved you when I first laid eyes.” Beyond the dumb is how I wanna get with and treat you, so we both can do, all that we need done. It isn’t easy, I know this. But on occasion it’s the looks that you make, that will either break or make my next moment.

My morale is depleting when I have to find a new place. Because I know that you can always see me there,.. even though my words won’t last to be, tender as this, frankly I get pissed. I don’t like me when it’s that. So let us; do this: “swim or eat soup, as we can experience some sort of pleasure: compatible to: love or bliss, ( please don’t let them others fool you, you’re the one, because you saw first and we knew that Angel’s, “love would hold us.”) With effort; let’s not begin with rem in is cence of the past. Unless it needs to be said I’ll hear you, but don’t underlie or understate the way it was, when it was..



I’m a little bit of rant-style\free-formed, self medicated, social anxious, illed mannered, subjectively isolated; quiet type, only approaching when it seems to suit me, but, again; I am fuming person. Who can’t seem to make any attachments other then delicate binds. Then before either of us know the other leaves. We stay relative within proximity of another. Because exposure
sometimes occurs and you evidently find another. Yet the small voice still speaks, with reason and regret. (If you’re still reading: I applaud you.) There’s not as so much happening; it’s more of I would like another “chance for one last dance.”
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