The Oracle

Description of the oracle with a raven; I like

The Silver Leaf Journal


she brings the light of wisdom


for all who seek the truth;

she opens the darkness


so that we may better understand.

IMG_4321 Raven, Copyright Silverleaf 2014

IMG_4323 Raven 2, Copyright Silverleaf 2014

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That feeling

And now it starts to seep in again,
It’s that moment that, I eat the words that I’ve spat back, in front of my feelings, (everything in between) where the mood won’t release the swell;[when you’d just wanna do; to much] when the tension, just can’t stay, where your naturally, placement has placed it.
It’s no verge,/as if you could ease into a final test\ but your mood,
   It’s not[any Action to take] its seems like the non-action, becomes, that place which even more the place we try to restrain from,/even when something isn’t something; so you might undoubting know how this scene could end.

How to teach a young introvert


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What should we do with the quiet kids? A conversation with Susan Cain on the future of classroom education.

Susan Cain sticks up for the introverts of the world. In the U.S., where one third to one half the population identifies as introverts, that means sticking up for a lot of people. Some of them might be data engineers overwhelmed by the noise of an open-floor-plan office. Others might be lawyers turning 30, whose friends shame them for not wanting a big birthday bash. But Cain particularly feels for one group of introverts: the quiet kids in a classroom.

Cain remembers a childhood full of moments when she was urged by teachers and peers to be more outgoing and social — when that simply wasn’t in her nature. Our most important institutions, like schools and workplaces, are designed for extroverts, says Cain in her TED Talk. [Watch: The power of…

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Speed processing

You sit and stare,
Words become rare
You sit and stare
Eternity it seems

Your images hit, the way it makes you tremble, teeth clenched, jaw tight. Something has made you awaken, you don’t want to. But it, it does(and it pierces your ear, drums bleed, vibration. There is no sound) For more reasons then anyone could comprehend, you rise and don’t look back.

All the way around; it seems like I’ve only ever been yelled at, or only ever been told about how these people and how they manage to do something Bout their situation. (Seems like I’m caught up on everything)
Or is it that I only ever begun at a slow pace, but had plans to get it done.
  I ought to be in a league. I’m very talented, but how it is; is that, I want people: seems as though, I couldn’t see them when they were with me and they were always going further away.

The Silent Treatment

The Fickle Heartbeat


Shared by Colin Corcoran Jr.

I know, you don’t even want to talk about this one. Seems like every marriage endures it share of these at times and they’re not always bad things. That said, what you fail to say can be just as destructive to your marriage as what you do say. Stoic silence is a emotional tool men and women both use in marriage all too often for the wrong reasons, but there are good reasons to use it.

I’ll explain. To start, I think we can all agree that when we say things in anger we tend to say exactly what me mean at that moment in the most destructive possible way. What’s worse is that a simple “I’m Sorry”, even a heartfelt one does not undo the damage. Angry words are like spikes nailed into a wooden plank. “I’m Sorry” can remove the spike…

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On the outside of previously stated, statements. I don’t do much, I work fast food & slang the people: sandwhiches, and shakes. I cook eggs and really dislike bacon, when I’m grilling. The hood, with that vent, is a waste! And it’s less then adequate, not adjacent to being capable of anything useful.

Through existence, I continuously try. If you say I don’t well then I probably haven’t a clue as what actions or what words that would appeal you. Its complex oh so very much. “I loved you when I first laid eyes.” Beyond the dumb is how I wanna get with and treat you, so we both can do, all that we need done. It isn’t easy, I know this. But on occasion it’s the looks that you make, that will either break or make my next moment.

My morale is depleting when I have to find a new place. Because I know that you can always see me there,.. even though my words won’t last to be, tender as this, frankly I get pissed. I don’t like me when it’s that. So let us; do this: “swim or eat soup, as we can experience some sort of pleasure: compatible to: love or bliss, ( please don’t let them others fool you, you’re the one, because you saw first and we knew that Angel’s, “love would hold us.”) With effort; let’s not begin with rem in is cence of the past. Unless it needs to be said I’ll hear you, but don’t underlie or understate the way it was, when it was..